The digital freedom is born: SITI B&T Group presents INNOVA by Projecta Engineering

The digital freedom is born: SITI B&T Group presents INNOVA by Projecta Engineering

SITI B&T Group, the complete ceramic system manufacturer, presents INNOVA: the FULL DIGITAL LINE by Projecta Engineering. A modular and flexible line, capable of opening new graphic frontiers in digital printing, thanks to the most innovative technologies for any size.


Projecta EngineeringInnova Glaze is the first solution to this digital printing process. A combined technology for glaze (smaltobbio) and protection, with Seiko 360 dpi definition heads with a laydown of 75 g/m2 at 25 m/min, which guarantee a more uniform application offering greater versatility.

The glaze (smaltobbio) digital application through Innova Glaze 200 is 60g/m2 without any material loss. This result significantly affects consumption, so it has a 1:5 ratio compared to traditional applications. There is also the possibility of a further reduction in emissions with water-based technology, with low environmental impact.


 From today, digital decoration has a new name

Projecta Engineering set new standards for digital printing. There are no more limits; nothing is impossible. Anything can be fixed on the ceramic surface with resolution up to 720 dpi and 3D digital structures on layers to invent new forms of decoration in full creative freedom and with a flexibility never seen before.

INNOVA digital decorationThis technology allows realizing high definition graphics thanks to the stabilized transport, which ensures maximum precision and stability to the slab transit.

The workflow is managed by next-gen software (SMART DROP), which allows for the dots’ optimal

distribution and the printing registration automation.

The new alignment system allows independent adjustment in positioning each head within the color bars, thanks to a dedicated optical device, to obtain micrometric precision and achieve even higher definition.

Thanks to INNOVA by Projecta Engineering, Siti B&T Group achieved an important technological goal concretized by the total absence of banding and the extraordinary depth of dark and uniform hues.


Innovafix allows adhesives for grit, innovative and complementary additives to complete and enhance the range of decorations carried out on multiple layers. Thanks to the double glue application, new graphic frontiers on the digital structures increase the structures and explore new 3D effects.

Innovafix allows adhesives for gritThis technology has a glue consumption control and a new feeding system (double PIAB) on reverse call, with a pressure gauge to control the pressure and the vacuum switch, capable of discharging over 1000 gr/m2 of grit. It allows a high grit application to obtain the graphic effect called the “mirror effect.”
And not only: using Innovafix allows for less deformation and less breakage of the panel, thanks to the lower water content and the reduction of the wear rate of the polishing discs.
In this case, water-based glue’s use translates into a significant reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and odors due to combustion, which disappear entirely.



The FULL DIGITAL LINE embraces the concepts of smart factories: it can be fully integrated into the bt-TUTOR supervision software, the solution developed by SITI B&T that allows monitoring, data collection, and control of the entire system, interacting with production planning, preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as being equipped with compatible cloud support for mobile devices and a user-friendly operator interface


Thanks to the Full Digital Line’s aesthetic contribution and thanks to the innovative Supera® technology, SITI B&T Group can offer a new generation of panels never before seen on the market. Panels with through veins, structures, thicknesses up to 30 mm, glossy products, and digital finishes are just some of the aesthetic excellences that can be made. The only limit is fantasy.




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