Ancora Matrix

The new Ancora technology for the lapping and polishing of porcelain stoneware, specific for large slabs. 

Powerful and reliable, it represents the ultimate solution to the problems associated with large glossy surfaces, offering unrivalled surface finish quality and productivity. 

matrix ancorabt


  • Sizes: from 80 to 200 cm 
  • Thicknesses: from 3 to 30 mm 
  • Independent management beam-by-beam of swing stroke, speed, and decelerations 
  • Independent management head-by-head of the operating pressures, speed, and direction of rotation 
  • Different types of heads supplied 
  • New swing transmission and lubrication system 
  • Non-stop production 
  • Surface processing of wet/dry grit, full-body technical stoneware, and digital structures 

Digitalization & Automation

  • Software Smart Solution
  • SMART diagnostic