Deep Motor

deepmotor ancora

Machine used to make one or more breaking incisions on a porcelain stoneware tile without stopping it, optimizing the production capacity of the line. 

Two types of use: 

  • Engraving of the superficial part of the tile 
  • Full cut 


deep motor


  • Alignment of the tile thanks to a centering device equipped with side wheels 
  • A bar with pressure wheels is mounted at the base of each cutting head, which keeps the material in line during processing, absorbing the stresses transmitted by the tool 
  • Cushioned engraving heads with quick tool replacement 
  • Extreme flexibility of the machine: it manages cutting, pre-cutting and engraving, and engraving only 
  • It manages sizes from 150 mm to 1800 mm 
  • Up to 14 motorized heads 
  • Up to 7 fixed engraving heads 
ancorabt deepmotor