After Sales

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Through the Customer Service, Ancora provides customers with a pool of highly qualified technicians, to plan assistance and prevent any production stops by checking and testing the machinery, verifying its operation, efficiency, and functionality.

They are also prepared to suggest any possible optimizations and make comparisons between production methods in relation to the materials being processed. 

Each customer is given a complete use and maintenance manual and the possibility of managing spare parts, using three-dimensional drawings and the code of each individual component related to the machine used.
These tools ensure absolute precision in identifying spare parts, which can also be ordered online. 

Furthermore, Ancora can also offer all the necessary training at the customer’s site. 

Particular attention is given to technical assistance.
Qualified personnel is dedicated to customer care, assisting customers in solving any problem, both by connecting remotely directly to the machines and on-site. 

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The Digital Service department deals with the design and construction of all the electrics and automation of our machines without neglecting testing. Thanks to our highly specialized technicians, the company is able to offer remote and on-site assistance

The department directly manages the relationship with suppliers, selecting only industry-leading companies able to offer the best materials. 

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After sales


Ancora Tutor is a device used for the supervision and remote control of big plants or individual machines.  

The main features are:  

  • Monitor production trend 
  • Monitor maintenance management 
  • Monitor production recipes  
  • Monitor and manage tool status 
  • Store data and statistics 
ancora tutor


  • Always keep the plant under control from all over the world 
  • Easily know how long and why production decreases 
  • Quickly recognize problems and the area of the plant on which to intervene 
  • Organize maintenance and plant shutdowns 
  • Consult the databases to learn about the history of the plant 
  • Possibility of remote connection with Ancora for help and assistance